Dana Woods

I was so blessed to have Valerie present at my first birth, as my Midwife. Valerie is warm, compassionate, honest and incredibly knowledgeable. Through each step of my pregnancy, she provided me with support and in-depth explanations, allowing me to feel completely informed and in control of my body, my baby and my birthing experience. She became not only my advocate and health care provider, but a teacher, and a friend. When I gave birth at home, her calm demeanor provided me with reassurance and she gave me gentle encouragement balanced with the space I needed to find my own strength. I felt completely safe if any issue were to arise and also supported and in control. The birth of my son was deeply moving, beautiful and empowering. Beyond attending my birth and providing my son and I with pre and post-natal care, she offered me a great deal of emotional support regarding some major challenges I faced. If you are looking for a midwife who will give you the tools and information to make your own decisions and enable you to achieve you and your baby’s birth under your own terms, I highly recommend Valerie. Not to mention that she is someone who will share with you in your joy, guide you through your fears, and share her own wisdom with you. I cannot express enough gratitude for having met her and having her attend the birth of my first son!

Joylyn Lochridge

We were more than excited to get to know Valerie, she is friendly and very helpful and on top of everything else, knowledgeable! When it comes to important decisions she is the one we decided to have help us with our first child. When it came to the second there was no question.

Generations Home Birth is professional, kind and very good at what they do. I feel very glad to have made the choices that we did with them and if number three comes around, once again, there is no question who we want to help make another magnificent experience.